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Many members of this chapter have spent many, many hours working on volunteer/charitable projects that have been widely recognized and praised. The following material lists some of our recent and current projects, along with the name of the member that has acted as the project leader.

Museum of Arts and Sciences - Fabricated and installed a large number of children's scientific exhibits and toys that now populate a major wing of the museum - Jim Kotas

Habitat for Humanity - Served in various leadership positions for this vital community outreach program - Warren Kurtz

Marine Discovery Museum - Helping to make the center more user-friendly for visitors as needed - Jim Kotas

Beacon Center - Helped renovate and upgrade this important and busy facility - Jim Kotas

R.J. Longstreet STEM - Working with the school, provide STEM projects that are fun and educational for the fifth grade club - Warren Kurtz

Heritage Preservation Trust - Working on restorations and improvements to Lillian Place and neighboring Hotchkiss House, both historic dwellings in Daytona Beach - Jim Kotas

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